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Financial Market News

25 July, 14:58
NBU Keeps 2019–2021 Inflation Forecast Unchanged, Improves Growth Forecast
Inflation will have declined to 6.3% by year’s end and will reach the target range of 5% ± 1 pp in early 2020 and the medium-term target of 5% in late 2020, the NBU estimates. Ukraine’s economy will grow steadily in 2019–2021, at a projected annual rate of 3%–4%. For details, see the NBU’s quarterly Inflation Report dated July 2019. The NBU has left the inflation forecast unchanged from the projection it made in April. The rather tight monetary conditions will continue to ... more...
23 July, 14:53
Ukraine to Introduce IBAN on 5 August 2019
On 5 August 2019, international bank account number (IBAN)[1] will be introduced in Ukraine in line with ISO 13616. Considering the comprehensive nature of implementation measures for this international standard, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) would like to remind banks and bank customers on the specifics of this process. Deadline and dates As of 5 August 2019, banks will open new customer accounts in line with IBAN. At ... more...
09 July, 13:55
Limit on Repatriation of Dividends Cancelled
In line with the currency liberalization and for improving the investment climate, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has cancelled all limits on repatriation of dividends. On 10 July, business with foreign capital is no longer subject to the limit of EUR 12 million per one legal entity on transferring dividends abroad or to nonresident accounts in Ukraine. This currency easing will not have any adverse impact on the macroeconomic stability. In H1, businesses ... more...
25 June, 15:01
NBU Streamlines Hryvnia Banknote and Coin Denominations
NBU Governor Yakiv Smolii has announced changes to the denominations of hryvnia banknotes and coins aimed at streamlining the circulation of the hryvnia. “Our national currency is what every one of us uses on a daily basis. Although cashless settlements are gaining increasing popularity in Ukraine, cash remains the most often used means of payment. Thus, the NBU must commit to making the hryvnia a quality, protected, and reliable currency and ensuring that hryvnia-based settlements are ... more...
13 June, 14:42
Banks to Fund Nonresidents in Hryvnia and to Transact Currency Forwards for Domestic Government Bonds Purchase
In order to encourage foreign investments to Ukraine, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has authorized banks to provide short-term funding in hryvnia to nonresident legal entities for buying domestic government bonds. As of 14 June 2019, Ukrainian banks can issue hryvnia loans to foreign companies and banks for aforesaid intended use, and to transact forward and swap contracts for the period not exceeding 14 business days. “Newly launched link with Clearstream ICSD ... more...
12 June, 14:39
NBU Presents the Vision of the Strategy for Financial Literacy
The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) presented its vision of the joint Strategy for Financial Literacy for the financial market and all stakeholders. The Strategy is intended to uniform, coordinate and combine efforts of the state agencies, business and the civic society for improving financial literacy at the national level. “We intend to provide Ukrainians with skills to survive in the real world full of challenges and changes. We work to create the environment in which wellbeing of ... more...
12 June, 14:33
Financial Inclusion as the Driver of the Economic Growth: What the Government, Businesses and the Public Need to Do
On 12 June, Kyiv UNIT.City the first Ukrainian innovation park hosts the second internal Forum on Financial Inclusion: Leaving No One Behind. As last year, the Forum was co-organized by the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), market players, and international partners. This year’s event brought together speakers from Australia, India, Kenia, Norway, Poland, the UK, the US, Turkey, and over 300 guests of the forum, such as, officials, entrepreneurs, experts, educators, and civic activists.  more...
11 June, 14:30
NBU May 2019 Inflation Update
In May 2019, consumer price inflation was 9.6% yoy, up from 8.8% in April. In monthly terms, prices grew by 0.7%. This is according to data published by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine (SSSU). Actual inflation exceeded the projections the NBU published in its April 2019 Inflation Report. This mainly resulted from faster-than-expected growth in the prices of raw foods because of their scarce supply. In addition, fuel prices also rose faster than expected, owing to the difficulties ... more...
07 June, 13:53
NBU Leaves Its Key Policy Rate Unchanged at 17.5%
The Board of the National Bank of Ukraine has decided to keep its key policy rate at 17.5% per annum. The decision was required to neutralize inflation risks, which have increased since the previous decision taken in April, and to attain the 5% inflation target next year. Consumer price inflation has been above the NBU’s forecast for two months running. In April, its annual reading was 8.8% and it continued to accelerate in May, according to NBU estimates. However, the acceleration is ... more...
22 May, 15:04
Clearstream to link Ukraine to its network on 27 May 2019
On 27 May 2019, Clearstream, the international central securities depository (ICSD) of Deutsche Börse Group, will connect the Ukrainian market to its network and make Ukrainian government securities eligible in its system. Citi will act as cash correspondent bank and local operator of Clearstream’s account at the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU). This step will enable settlement of all government bonds denominated in the local currency hryvnia through the international system of ... more...
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